👚Merch Platform

Released in December 2023

Crypto Hunters Merch Platform is a cutting-edge tool designed for influencers looking to enhance their brand through exclusive merchandise. Our platform allows you to create and sell personalized products with your own branding, with Crypto Hunters acting as the platform owner and shipping partner.

A key feature of our platform is the ability to purchase merchandise using the $CRH cryptocurrency. This not only embraces modern technology but also ensures simplicity and security in transactions. Buying merch with $CRH tokens opens up new opportunities for your fans, granting them exclusive access to products on favorable terms.

The Crypto Hunters team guarantees full support as both a platform and delivery service. We provide a user-friendly interface for designing and customizing your merch, along with ensuring the high-quality processing and delivery of orders. You can focus on creating unique designs while we assist you in all other aspects.

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