💌Our mission

Our mission is to bring families and people around the world together by providing a unique gaming experience that encourages interaction, connection, and fun. We strive to promote physical activity and education through our app, while also introducing users to the digital world of cryptocurrencies, web3 technologies, wallets, NFTs, and tokens.

Our goal to realize our ambitious vision is anchored on three key pillars: Innovation, Education, and Community. We are pushing the boundaries of traditional entertainment and gaming to onboard new users into the web3 space by developing the first-ever Crypto Adventure Reality TV Show and an immersive AR mobile game. Through these platforms, we're merging the thrill of treasure hunting worldwide, the excitement of competitive reality TV, and the captivating world of Augmented Reality gaming, while weaving in the intriguing elements of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and our NFT Marketplace. Everything in our ecosystem will be connected through our brand and the $CRH token.

To realize our mission we will give some unique features to our players:

  • Free to Play games

  • In-game wallet with abstract account technology

  • NFT Boosts

  • NFT Membership

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