📜$CRH Token Summary

Crypto Hunters is an innovative game that utilizes the $CRH token as its core currency. This token is designed to facilitate the Play and Earn loop, allowing holders to craft new NFTs, make in-game purchases and vote in governance decisions.

  • 10% of all $CHR used in the game (e.g. for crafting new NFTs or boosting purchases) will be sent to the general Crypto Hunters Ecosystem pool, increasing the rewards percentage for hole ecosystem (eg, NFT Marketplace, Smart TV Channel, Worldwide events).


  • 40% of tokens from each transaction in the game will be burned,

  • 30% will be added to Treasury,

  • and 20% will be sent to sell.

These actions will have a significant impact on the $CRH price in the market and create an ideal situation for investors. $CRH token is a utility token that will be used in the Crypto Hunters NFT Marketplace, Education Platform and Crypto Hunters DAO. The token will be used to purchase goods and services in the Crypto Hunters NFT Marketplace and delegate your own votes on Crypto Hunters DAO. The token will also be used to reward users for their participation in activities such as completing surveys, participating in contests, or providing feedback on products. The token will also be used to incentivize users to engage with content creators by rewarding them with tokens for watching videos or engaging with content. Finally, the token can be used as a form of payment for goods and services within the Crypto Hunters ecosystems.

The IDO will be used to launch the token and release go-to-market strategy with powerful international marketing campaign with the worldwide community.

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