🌀What Sets Us Apart

  • Based on the TV show

The "Crypto Hunters" TV show, set to be released on international streaming platforms, will provide a major impulse for the expansion of the Crypto Hunters game community.

The game itself is an integral part of the show.

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  • True digital ownership

Crypto Hunters is revolutionizing the gaming industry by allowing players to gain real ownership over in-game items. Through the use of BEP-1155 tokens (NFTs), players can now monetize their in-game assets and interact with them in the real world.

This feature sets Crypto Hunters apart from other mainstream games, providing players with a unique and exciting way to earn money.

  • Play and Earn

The $CRH token, an BEP-20 token, can be earned by players who complete game tasks and daily quizzes. This incentivizes competitive play and encourages engagement, as players are rewarded with meaningful currencies and items. The ability to earn tangible rewards is essential for driving our future growth.

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  • Socialize and Earn

In Crypto Hunters, forming social connections with other players is essential for success. Players must collaborate on tasks and work together to progress in the game. By connecting with players from around the world, users can access various resources and strategies that can help them succeed. With this new level of collaboration, Crypto Hunters offer an unprecedented opportunity for gamers to join forces and achieve their goals, and we will build Crypto Hunters worldwide networking.

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  • An epic game economy

The $CRH tokenomics is designed to be the driving force behind the Crypto Hunters economy. Players can use it to purchase tickets and boosts, craft their own NFT boosts, vote or make proposals in the DAO, earn rewards in the game. This creates a self-sustaining ecosystem where players have the opportunity to both benefit from and contribute to the economy. To further incentivize players, 40% of tokens from each transaction in the game will be burned, 30% will be added to Treasury, 20% will be sent to sell, and 10% will be sent to the general Crypto Hunters Ecosystem rewards pool. This ensures that each player has a positive impact on the $CRH token price in the market.

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  • Unique community

As an integral part of the popular TV show "Crypto Hunters", the game Crypto Hunters is designed to capture the attention of its viewers. With millions of households streaming the show, it is expected that a large portion of them will become players in the game, making Crypto Hunters one of the most anticipated games in the world.

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  • NFT Collection Membership

This collection offers exclusive access, voting power, and a range of perks, including discounts, early access, limited edition items, special recognition, and AMA sessions, fostering engagement, ownership, and a stronger connection to the Crypto Hunters community.

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