📔Token desription

From the early beginnings of launching $CRH, we will create a massive list of utilities for it that can give power to all investors and users and continuously add utility to it. In addition to the usual utilities, such as trading, we have a number of unique ones.

These utilities are:

  • In the AR Game, $CRH will be used to buy the tickets to start the game, NFT boosts, receive rewards and to make other in-game transactions and more

  • In the NFT Marketplace, $CRH will be used to pay fees, to buy and sell NFTs, buy premium subscriptions, buy Crypto Hunters domain names, participate in the Launchpad and earn rewards

  • To build a community-driven project, we will use $CRH to build a DAO system with proposals and votes, governed via the $CRH token

  • To buy our unique Crypto Hunters Merch

An exclusive feature of our system is that all transactions within the game will be divided into 4 parts:

- 40% will be burned

- 30% will go to treasury

- 20% will be returned to the market through the sale

- 10% will be added in the general Crypto Hunters Ecosystem rewards pool

In this way, we convert a large number of players in the game to create another advantage for investors, creating an organic supply shortage in the market and raising the price of the $CRH coin.

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