đŸ“ĒWhat is Crypto Hunters game

Dive into the extraordinary world of "Crypto Hunters Game," an innovative multiplayer experience seamlessly combining Augmented Reality with Digital Treasure Hunting. Enjoy the freedom to play without any cost, utilizing your mobile phone's camera or Digital Avatars via laptops to hunt for Digital Treasures in the real world.

The game offers a variety of playing modes, with an emphasis on the exciting free-to-play sessions accessible to everyone. Engage in thrilling quests and collect rewards from partners, all while boosting your power with NFTs without any payments.

For those seeking an added challenge and potential rewards, cash prize rounds are available. To enter, users can acquire a ticket using the $CRH token, not only providing access to prize games but also unlocking extra advantages over fellow players.

Each round involves the exhilarating process of searching for clues, solving quizzes, and uncovering the hidden location of the Digital Treasure. Explore the real world with an interactive map, collaborating and competing with other players.

Turn on your camera and traverse the real world to discover additional $CRH tokens, elevating the excitement of the gameplay. Join the adventure, experience the thrill of free-to-play, and uncover hidden treasures with "Crypto Hunters Game"!

Gameplay Mechanics

Crypto Hunters' rewards system is designed to celebrate both achievement and participation. 'Successful' gameplay is multifaceted - it includes reaching milestones, solving complex puzzles, and regular engagement with the game. Players who dedicate time and effort, regardless of their spending habits, are recognized and rewarded. Frequent players might find themselves receiving bonus tokens, special in-game items, or exclusive access to new quests. Our approach ensures that every player feels valued and motivated, making 'Crypto Hunters' a game where dedication and fun go hand in hand

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