💸In-game wallet

In order to ensure the security of our users' funds, we have implemented a non-custodial wallet in our app. This means that the user's seed phrase and private keys are stored as an encrypted string in the application storage on the user's device, and not stored anywhere else. This ensures that only the user has access to their wallet and that we cannot restore access to their account if they lose their seed phrase.

The user can deposit $CRH, $USDC and NFTs into their wallet at any time. They can also withdraw from their wallets at any time by signing a transaction with their wallet. As Crypto Hunters Ecosystem grows, more coins will become available for use in our app.

The wallet is primarily used to make payments inside the game, receive rewards. In case of loss of seed phrase, however, we won't be able to restore access to the user's account.

Also to adopt more players from the non-cryptocurrencies world, we will use abstract account technology based on the ERC-4337 standard that can bring us more users who will use Crypto Hunters mobile AR game with an in-game wallet as their first crypto application.

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